• How do I report bugs or make suggestions?

    To report bugs, send an email to [email protected], and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you feel there are any issues or areas for improvement, we'd love to hear about them! We'd love to get your feedback regarding features and how you find WorkSavi. This feedback allows our team to get a sense of which new features and integrations our users would most like to see!

  • In Roles, when adding a new user, what is the difference between Admin, Manager and User?

    An Admin has full access to the Manage section, including billing, adding users and creating forms. A Manager can create forms in the Manage section, but has no access to Billing and adding users, whilst a User has no access to Manage, but can still create and manage projects.

  • How do I create a Programme?

    In the Portfolio view, your Projects and Template cards all have a right-click menu. You can see on Templates that from here you can Edit your template, you can save your template as a project or save it as a programme. You can also duplicate or delete your template. Your Projects also have a similar right-click menu. Here you can convert your project into a programme, copy to a programme and you can save as a Template.

  • What is the star for on Your Portfolio page?

    The star represents your ‘favourite’ projects and programmes, or rather the ones that you are currently working on. By selecting the 'star', your project or programme will move ahead of all the others so you can find it quickly.

  • When adding a new user, I cannot add any departments to assign my user to?

    Go back to your Manage section and select Departments there. Hit the + button to add all the departments you need.

  • How do I add Properties into my database?

    Go to the Manage section and select Property. In the Fields tab, you can create your list of headers that form the summary view for your properties. When you register, a default list of Property fields is given which you can adapt, delete or start from new. In the Grid view, you can create your Property widgets. These can be repositioned and resized to suit in the Property module. In properties, select the + button to get started.

  • How do I purchase additional licenses?

    To do this, you need to be the appointed Admin. Go to Manage and then Billing. Ensure the Company information fields are complete and payment details are added. Then go to Plans to choose the package you require and the number of licenses. When you have purchased your licenses, the invoice will be prepared for you.

  • I changed a task date on the Project Board to start earlier but it did not reflect the new date onto the Gantt chart, is this a bug?

    If you have added task relationships to your Gantt then the task you are attempting to start earlier may have a constraint from a previous task (a predecessor) holding it where it is. Temporarily you will have conflicting dates between the Boards and the Gantt. If, on the other hand, you give a task a later date on the project Board, the Gantt will reflect that new date and push out related tasks that are linked from it (successors)

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