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Giving you full visibility and complete control of all projects

We understand the complexities of true project management. We know how important it is to have full visibility and control of projects, especially when you’re working to multiple deadlines across several locations while balancing budgets and managing resource too! 

That’s why we developed the Project Plan for project management. It’s a strategic platform that’s designed to give you much more than just task management. You get a clear view of activity across all projects, so you can easily identify risks and opportunities, spot pinch points and make real-time updates – making it the ideal solution for project managers, programme managers and change managers! 

Manage all projects in one place

The Projects Plan is an advanced project management tool that puts you firmly in control of all your business activities. Developed by project managers for project managers, our platform allows you to centralise information from all of your projects and monitor across workstreams, ensuring remote, hybrid and in-house teams are delivering assigned tasks. 

WorkSavi’s project management software also includes a unique Tracker feature, which gives you real-time status updates, so you can ensure all projects are moving forward and staying within timelines and budgets.

Better project forecasting and budget control

Our advanced forecasting and budgeting features make it easy for project managers to plan effectively, improve business efficiencies and save money in the long run. 

You can even combine multiple projects into one project plan, so you have complete control of all activities, including project scheduling, task prioritisation, budgeting, resource management and supply chain delivery. 

This will also help to reduce the risk of silos and improve team-wide communications, even if you’re operating from multiple locations.

Work smarter, not harder with the Project Plan from WorkSavi

Our online project management platform simplifies the process of managing multiple projects in real-time, making it easy to fine-tune schedules and ensure that all teams have the information they need to accomplish individual tasks efficiently. 

With the ability to track progress at a programme, project or individual task level, you can make sure that no job is overlooked and any potential scheduling issues are addressed before they have a chance to impact deadlines.

Project Plan features and benefits

For just £29 per month, each user gets: 

  • Plan for unlimited projects
  • Project portfolio management
  • Gantt charts
  • Dependency management & cross-project dependencies
  • Critical path
  • Baselines 5 per project – track project shift
  • Programme and Portfolio Tracker
  • Forecasting
  • Resource calendar
  • Kanban Boards
  • Brainstorm Kanban
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Forms – up to 10 forms
  • Custom fields
  • Archive / unarchive projects
  • Recover deleted Projects in 30 days
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Advanced project management features that keep projects moving

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The all-in-one project management tool

The easiest way to stay compliant, manage important assets and track projects across multiple estates. With simple-to-use functionality that easily integrates into your business, it’s the perfect solution for corporations and estate management professionals.

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Flexible functionality bespoke to your business

Custom-built to the specific needs of your business, our Enterprise solution can be tailored to your exact requirements so you benefit from bespoke reposting, greater security and unlimited storage.

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Improve productivity with seamless integration

Easily import files and folders from your favourite services to share with your team. WorkSavi project management tools are designed to integrate with your existing business software, enabling you to instantly import information from Google Data Studio, OneDrive, Dropbox and other popular applications. If you are looking for project management software for UK businesses to make real productivity improvements, WorkSavi is the obvious choice.

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Project Plan FAQs

  • What is agile project management?

    Agile project management means taking an iterative and responsive approach to delivering projects. To be agile, you must focus on collaboration, communication and insights to adapt project delivery to deliver value. Agile project management involves breaking tasks into smaller, manageable components and regularly reassessing and adjusting project goals based on feedback. This method promotes continuous improvement, transparency, and customer involvement throughout the project's lifecycle.

  • What makes WorkSavi an agile project management tool?

    WorkSavi excels as an agile project management tool with flexibility, collaboration, and interactive workflows. The features of the WorkSavi platform supports users in adapting to changes, breaking tasks into manageable units, and refining project goals with feedback. This tool encourages improvement, transparent communication, and stakeholder involvement. The platform also has a unique tracker that quickly identifies issues, emerging trends, and opportunities as each project progresses to aid agility.  

  • What is an agile project management tool?

    An agile project management tool streamlines agile methodologies in project management. It aids planning, execution, and monitoring with task tracking, collaboration, and progress visualisation. WorkSavi is an all-in-one project management tool that is one of the most agile PM tools on the market, with easy customisation and bespoke functionality.