I need to ensure governance, compliance and consistency is adhered to across all activity

If you’re committed to protecting your business, assets, property, staff, customers and wider community and environment, it’s essential that you follow appropriate rules and regulations to remain compliant. 

The WorkSavi platform is designed to support your business and ensure your entire team has access to tools and features that will ensure important rules and regulations are observed, action is taken and deadlines are met. 

How WorkSavi will support how you manage compliance consistency throughout your organisation: 


Digital survey forms

Digital survey forms to record conditions and any remedial measures for each property compliance inspection across your estate.

Schedule key events and notifications

Never miss important renewal and deadline dates ever again and improve compliance throughout your business. With WorkSavi, you will also be able to quickly identify properties in your estate that are not compliant and at risk, along with those that are due to be inspected using our heatmaps.

Documentation storage

Upload and store important certificates, contracts, registers, drawings and other documentation directly to the specific property record so your team has access to the most-up-to-date information, ensuring everyone is working from the correct paperwork.  


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