I need to quickly identify which properties in my estate are not compliant and those that need to be inspected.

If you’re trying to manage multiple properties across several systems and spreadsheets rather than one system, then it will be incredibly difficult to monitor the compliance status of your estate. 

Improve compliance in estate management

With WorkSavi, you can build property databases and monitor activity for each property in your estate in one place. This means you will have complete visibility of properties that do not meet compliance standards or those that are due for inspection. You will also be able to ensure any remedial activity that needs to be carried out is fully coordinated with all other planned projects at those locations. 

With WorkSavi you can:  

  • Set reminders and notifications for important deadlines 
  • Track and maintain health and safety checks
  • Schedule, track and coordinate all project activity across your estate
  • Create compliance heatmaps
  • Monitor leases and breaks 
  • Store important documentation
  • Compile lease liability schedules for  IFRS-16 reporting
  • Store and track invoices, payments and track arrears 

Take a look at our Portfolio Plan for more details or contact us directly for help and advice. 

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The all-in-one project management tool

The easiest way to stay compliant, manage important assets and track projects across multiple estates. With simple-to-use functionality that easily integrates into your business, it’s the perfect solution for corporations and estate management professionals.

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