How to improve commercial risk management in business across all properties, projects, programmes and portfolios

Businesses can strengthen their commercial risk management practices across all properties, projects, programmes, and portfolios with WorkSavi.

We can help you to plan more accurately, protect the value of your estate and maximise opportunities for sustainable business growth.

Discover the most agile tool for true project management

WorkSavi has three core products that are designed to support the specific project management needs of businesses: 

Project plan – great for businesses that want much more than just task management. 

Portfolio plan – ideal for businesses managing multiple projects across several properties, locations or portfolios.

Enterprise solution – perfect for businesses that have bespoke requirements and need a system built to help manage their specific needs. 

How to mitigate risks in your business 

There are several ways in which WorkSavi can help you manage commercial risks. Take a look at these helpful articles for advice:  

  1. Use one system to manage your estate rather than several systems
  2. Understand risk, issue and opportunity management 
  3. Improve compliance in estate management 
  4. Implement a comprehensive cost management system to improve financial stability
  5. Get bespoke reporting and live status tracking for projects, programmes and portfolios 
  6. Ensure governance, compliance and consistency are adhered to across all activity

Book a demo 

If you have specific risk management needs and want to know how WorkSavi can help you, simply get in touch and we will happily give you a no-obligation demo of our platform.