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Remote working teams managing multiple projects?

Bring teams together to overcome the struggles of multi-project management.

Key Benefits

Improve Visibility

Save Time & Money

Enhance Team Collaboration

  • Turn remote brainstorming sessions into manageable projects by instantly converting your Ideas Boards into powerful Gantt charts and other views.
  • Get clear visibility of all activities across your entire project, giving you complete control.
  • Create task dependencies and resource allocation to generate a fully managed plan.
  • Save valuable time with real-time approval - getting instant sign-offs by heads of department, stakeholders and decision-makers.
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Go from zero to a fully realised and manageable project in a single session

Instantly convert brainstorming sessions into projects, using the most powerful Gantt chart module on the market.

WorkSavi project planning software provides you with a clear view of your resources, budgets and deadlines, making it easy for you to assess new ideas. The ability to rapidly create schedules from ideas boards, using the Gantt chart module, ensures that new projects can be organised quickly and efficiently.

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