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Our comprehensive Teams and Project solutions have been designed to provide you with everything you need to effectively manage your teams and projects. They also include all the tools you need to manage the progress, schedules and budgets of individual tasks. If you are looking for powerful task management software that helps you to quickly identify potential problems and solve them before they have a chance to cause delays or cost overruns, the WorkSavi platform is perfect for your needs.

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The Best Task Management Software for UK and Global Organisations

Whilst it’s crucial to have an overview of each project in your portfolio, you also need the ability to plan, view and manage individual tasks in order to bring in your projects on time and within budget. WorkSavi Project and Teams gives you this ability and because project and team task management can be handled from one intuitive platform, you are always aware of how individual tasks affect overall progress.

WorkSavi Boards provide dynamic task management capabilities, allowing you to drag and drop tasks to reflect their changing status and to create To-Do lists for individual team members on the fly. New tasks can be created at any time and responsibility for each task assigned to appropriate personnel. All of this functionality is baked into our Project and Teams solutions, which means you can see how each task fits into your overall schedule as you create it.

Task Management Software That Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Applications and Services

Whether you use OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Data Studio or any other popular file storage and management applications, you will find that our software integrates seamlessly with your existing setup. You will be able to import all the documents and media files you need from these services, directly into your WorkSavi task management software platform. Because our platform integrates so easily with existing business software, it can be adopted by organisations of all sizes without the need to make disruptive changes to existing practices and procedures.

Manage all tasks from a highly customisable, powerful and easy-to-use interface

Every company is unique and has its own specific requirements. With this in mind, we have made sure that our powerful task management software is not only easy to use but easy to customise as well. You can organise your projects, teams and task management interfaces to suit your own preferences and corporate working procedures: WorkSavi is designed to empower your organisation, not to force it to make unnecessary and expensive changes to existing internal procedures. Whether you are actively managing dozens of projects at one time or you are responsible for a single team, you will find that our platform can be configured to suit your requirements with ease.

Oversee All Tasks From One Intuitive Interface

Many organisations are still trying to manage tasks and projects with a multitude of individual spreadsheets and files, which can lead to the duplication of work and the possibility of oversights when these files do not reflect the same information. With our project and team task management platform, everybody will be working from the same page and will have access to all of the required information, from a single source. If you would like to simplify your task management procedures and ensure that your teams can collaborate effectively on tasks across multiple projects and locations, the WorkSavi platform will meet all of your needs.

Task Notifications Keep You Informed at All Times

WorkSavi can easily be configured to generate automatic notifications for crucial deadlines and project/task milestones. With this functionality, your project managers will always be well informed and well placed to make the right decisions when allocating resources and personnel to individual tasks. Live status updates for all tasks ensure that every team member with access to WorkSavi is aware of what is happening and what needs to be done at any given moment in time.

Address Scheduling Issues Before They Cause Real Problems

Because you can view progress at a project or individual task level at any time, it is much easier to spot potential scheduling issues when you are using the WorkSavi platform. You can then address these issues pre-emptively, avoiding future delays and cost overruns. When you make changes to the scheduling of individual tasks, you can also quickly see how these will affect other task and project deadlines.

If you would like to learn more about our task management software for UK and global organisations, please contact us now. A member of our team will be very happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with additional information if required. We will also be delighted to arrange a free 30-day trial of our project and team task management software, enabling you to see firsthand what it can do for your business.

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Easily import files and folders from your favourite services to share with your team. WorkSavi project management tools are designed to integrate with your existing business software, enabling you to instantly import information from Google Data Studio, OneDrive, Dropbox and other popular applications. If you are looking for project management software for UK businesses to make real productivity improvements, WorkSavi is the obvious choice.

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