Dynamic and powerful reporting to direct decision-making to the areas that need it the most

Your project reports should show much more than percentages against time, delivery and budget. 

They should give you deeper insights that empower you to make decisions that can help you transform delivery across every business function and improve cost management throughout your organisation. 

And that’s where WorkSavi can support your business! 

Unlike other project management tools that only provide basic reporting functionality, we provide powerful, dynamic reporting that you create! You choose the metrics you want to measure and gain deeper insight into your business so you can make more proactive, data-backed decisions about how your organisation moves forward. 

Bespoke project management for your business 

Both our Project and Portfolio Plans provide dynamic reporting, but if you’re interested in fully customisable reporting that is bespoke to your business, you need our Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise solution combines all the features of our Project and Portfolio Plans but provides extra-level flexible functionality built to suit your business’s specific needs. This includes custom reporting and integrations. 

How to create dynamic reporting with Enterprise from WorkSavi

We will work closely with you to create a bespoke system that is easy to integrate into your business.  

We’ll provide full support, helping you to get to grips with specific functionality and build templates to support custom reporting and help you evolve the system to align with the growing needs of your business.  

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If you want to see how Enterprise could transform the way you manage and deliver projects, book a demo and let our experts guide you through the features of our platform.

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Flexible functionality bespoke to your business

Custom-built to the specific needs of your business, our Enterprise solution can be tailored to your exact requirements so you benefit from bespoke reposting, greater security and unlimited storage.

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