Effective project management across global property portfolios

Managing projects across a global property portfolio takes exceptional planning power and outstanding communication. 

When you’re managing multiple teams, deadlines, time zones and even third parties, errors can easily occur if you’re using multiple systems to control delivery. 

With WorkSavi you can manage your global estate on one platform, ensuring you have complete visibility and total control at all times. 

Our powerful and intuitive SaaS PPM software is designed to create a central tool for your organisation’s operations too, meaning your entire team can access strategies, delivery plans, timelines, and important documents from one system. 

Why you need a comprehensive approach to project management

If you want to ensure seamless delivery of your operations across your global estate, you need WorkSavi. 

Here’s how we’re helping businesses to create a comprehensive approach to global project management: 

Set clear objectives: To ensure harmony and clear understanding in your business, you need to ensure everyone is on the same page. Creating a centralised location to define project objectives will help establish your key aims and objectives. 

Centralise communications: Ensure compliance throughout your projects with a central database for important documentation that your team can access wherever they are in the world. 

Standardise processes, templates and reporting: We can help you create universal templates for your entire team to work from. This means everyone is following the same processes and protocols, improving consistency and governance across all activities and helping to reduce admin time and document duplication in the long run. 

Assign clear roles and responsibilities: Effective project planning means defining roles and responsibilities so your entire team knows what they’re accountable for delivering. 

Create timeline views: Give your team access to the bigger picture – when they can see expected deliverables, they understand the path to delivery and can manage sprints and tasks appropriately. Teams will also be able to view potential blockers and help manage concerns in real-time.  

Ensure accurate scoping: Whether it’s resource or financial planning, with WorkSavi, we make it possible for you to forecast more accurately. This will help you plan more accurately, budget appropriately and avoid costly score creep. 

Define risk management strategies: By identifying potential risks associated with each property and location, such as regulatory compliance, market fluctuations, geopolitical instability, etc., you’ll be in a stronger position to develop mitigation strategies and proactively manage risks before they become a big problem. 

Improve business compliance: Our platform enables you to collate important information for operational, financial and strategic reporting so that you can monitor and manage business delivery to improve business performance. You can also set key reminders within the platform so you never miss important compliance, maintenance or health and safety deadlines across your estate.  

Manage sustainability initiatives: Sustainability is a huge focus for many businesses. So, if your business is committed to change, you can also manage and roll out sustainability initiatives into property management practices, such as energy efficiency upgrades, waste reduction programmes, and green building certifications. 

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