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Introducing WorkSavi: a new online platform that streamlines project management and simplifies collaboration for remote working teams.

Successfully manage business change, improve project delivery and enhance day-to-day processes.

The way we work is changing. Welcome to your ‘new normal’.

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WorkSavi is an advanced online work management platform that gives remote working teams improved visibility, understanding and structure across multiple projects. It streamlines project management and simplifies collaboration, allowing for informed decisions and reports in real-time, saving you time and money, and drastically reducing admin.

It’s perfect for large teams managing multiple programmes and projects that need more reporting capability, and ideal for those managing projects within their property portfolio.

With WorkSavi, managers and teams alike can constantly be creating, learning and improving.

Key Benefits

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Reduce Admin

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Evolve your business with sophisticated project management software.

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Go from zero to a fully realised and manageable project in a single session

Instantly convert brainstorming sessions into projects, using the most powerful Gantt chart module on the market.

WorkSavi project planning software provides you with a clear view of your resources, budgets and deadlines, making it easy for you to assess new ideas. The ability to rapidly create schedules from ideas boards, using the Gantt chart module, ensures that new projects can be organised quickly and efficiently.

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Unique Tracker view

A comprehensive overview of the entire programme, at a glance. Understand timelines and identify risks and opportunities, giving you total visibility and complete control.

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Strategically manage projects across multiple properties

Build personalised databases to streamline project management for property and asset portfolios.

With a detailed overview of all properties and activity, project portfolio management becomes a simple task when you are using WorkSavi. Drag-and-drop functionality enables you to tailor your overview to meet your current needs and real-time notifications ensure you are always aware of the latest capital projects across your entire portfolio.

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Collaboration for Teams


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